About Us

The business landscape is constantly evolving due to rapid advancements in technology. With digital technology driving this evolution, companies need to adopt an ‘always-on’ approach to both survive and thrive. ‘Digital Transformation’ (DX) is no longer a buzzword.

Organizations of all sizes – ranging from startups, Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises – need to digitize their operations and processes not only for a competitive advantage but also to stay relevant to today’s digital consumer. Organisations across verticals like banking, retail, healthcare and hospitality, can stay competitive and improve productivity by reducing costs and integrating digital transformation into their workings.

Thinking ‘digital’ for organizations enables enterprises to drive customer success that aligns with a robust employee-centric approach.

However, embarking on the road to digital comes with its own set of implementation challenges and security implications.

The Digital Enterprise aims to address these hiccups in an organization’s journey to becoming a digital ace and embrace digital transformation with ease. Maintaining a sharp focus on the multiple facets of digital transformation, we bring a mix of –

  • In-depth features
  • News on vendor innovations, upgrades to the tools and tech for DX, and
  • Best practices from industry leaders at the forefront of helming DX initiatives.

From simplifying DX for newbies (what is IoT, Industry 4.0, AI, AR, VR, DAM, Digital Twin etc.?), to bringing leadership insights and proprietary and partner research reports to digital professionals, The Digital Enterprise hopes to bring together a community of professionals to accelerate digital transformations in their organizations.

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