Andy Evans

A technology and gadget enthusiast at heart, Andy Evans, CMO at Sovrn, has worked on all sides of the media industry, from print and digital publishing to ad agency work and, most recently, ad tech. He’s worked with many of the world’s leading global brands, and companies he’s founded include Net Communities, Podcast Voices and OnScroll. When Sovrn acquired OnScroll in 2016, Andy joined the Sovrn executive team to integrate and run the European operations of their proprietary ad technology stack with direct connections to every major buyer in the world. Andy ensures Sovrn as a tool provides opportunities for content creators to monetize and give access to distribution and scale to grow audiences, bringing massive insights. Besides being the CMO for the brand globally (Sovrn is headquartered at Boulder in Colorado, with offices in Denver, New York and London), Andy is also an industry speaker on all things digital advertising, with key expertise in viewability. Sovrn represents more than 25,000 independent websites, many in the mid to long-tail, and reach 1bn unique users a month.