Piero Pavone

As Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at MainAd, Piero Pavone is the driving force behind the company’s progress in the digital ad space. He has extensive experience as a software programmer with a key interest in new technical tracking systems. With a never-ending curiosity, he leads innovation across all MainAd’s business operations with a vision and strategy that allows it to maintain its competitiveness in the marketplace. MainAd, a bespoke performance and digital marketing company, with a business model that helps precise re-targeting of ads to online shoppers, has recently moved to the Google Cloud Platform to achieve faster time value for its real-time bidding platform Logico. Alongside being the COO at MainAd, Piero previously worked as the Chief Programmer and Analyst for New Economy Industries for more than 15 years. In his spare time, Piero enjoys fast-paced activities such as motorbiking and horse-riding. His knowledge of how to combine the best of things to get the best results makes him the perfect host – a great trait he deploys in and out of the office.

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