Rex Ahlstrom

Rex Ahlstrom, Chief Strategy Officer at BackOffice Associates, LLC, is a technology-centric serial entrepreneur, with more than 22 years of experience. He served as the VP of Operations at SAP following SAP’s purchase of his company SOALogix, where he led as its CEO for seven years. He established SOALogix’s business vision, raised private capital for its growth and achieved market recognition as a “visionary” in enterprise software integration middleware. Rex’s experience ranges across technology-focused industries including enterprise software, healthcare, telecommunications and aerospace & defense. Prior to starting SOALogix, he was the CEO of MSI Software and has held various management roles with organizations including Defense Systems Inc., TeleSciences and Westinghouse. He holds an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University, a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University and is a national and international lecturer and presenter, addressing investors, business professionals, and large customer communities.

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