Joe Gagliese

Joe Gagliese, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Viral Nation, is an ROI-focused, marketing strategist and consultant with comprehensive experience in representing top influencer talent and securing high-value contracts with major global brands. He delivers strategic experiential marketing campaigns designed to engage with consumers and align strategies with brand objectives. A subject matter expert in social media marketing and audience engagement, he has successfully established processes and tactics for the client’s brand development and growth to ensure business success. Joe strategically identifies key influencers and enables clients to achieve rapid career success by using a comprehensive network of industry leading business professionals. At Viral Nation Inc., Joe provides strategic direction and leadership in effective management of influencer marketing campaigns, talent representation and partnership development by ensuring exclusive top talent and social celebrity representation. Through effective networking with leading influencers, brand ambassadors, social mavens, celebrities and athletes, Viral Nation engages diverse audiences and generates fast-track brand success for partner companies, delivering premium advertising, marketing and promotional services for influential celebrities and major brands across Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat. Utilizing industry leading digital technologies that maximizes the marketing, advertising and promotional impact, Viral Nation advances influencer marketing beyond simple brand awareness.

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