ID R&D and Innov8tif Partner for More Secure, Simplified Customer Onboarding

Today, ID R&D, the award-winning biometrics technology provider offering AI-based voice and behavioral biometrics and voice and face anti-spoofing technologies, announces a new partnership with Innov8tif, a leading software provider in Southeast Asia enabling businesses to digitize business processes.

Innov8tif has integrated ID R&D’s IDLiveTM Face into its EMAS eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) product, which simplifies procedures for opening customer accounts remotely and digital ID verification processes. Through EMAS, IDLive Face is now enabling self-service SIM registration for a major telecommunications service provider.

EMAS eKYC is a service available to companies in banking, financial services, and telecommunications, where accurate and quick customer identity proofing and verification is the foundational element of the customer journey. EMAS eKYC is comprised of four key Innov8tif components: OkayID, ID Capture through OCR and Smart Card reading; OkayFace, real-time facial recognition and anti-spoofing; OkayDoc, AI-assisted identity document checking; and OkayDB, identity proofing through connected databases.

ID R&D’s IDLive Face provides fully passive liveness detection to OkayFace. With IDLive Face, Innov8tif now offers anti-spoofing measures that bolster existing security processes while simultaneously enhancing the user experience.

Our goal is to help businesses deliver both customer experience excellence and compliance with regulatory requirements,” said George Lee, Innov8tif CEO. “After evaluating IDLive Face and piloting with customers, we found that we could deliver an experience not possible with our previous liveness solutions. ID R&D enables us to lower friction at the critical point of opening new accounts, thus reducing abandonment and user problems, but without sacrificing security.”  

ID R&D’s IDLive Face is the only fully passive liveness detection that eliminates the need for users to perform any specific actions during the authentication process – no blinking, smiling, selfie-taking, etc. Powered by AI-based algorithms, the software runs on a server architecture and processes an image in near real-time on a typical server. IDLive Face works with mobile images as well as those captured on desktops, and with native or new applications. Its flexible deployment has made it an ideal cross-industry solution, and Innov8tif joins ID R&D’s growing roster of global partners which includes banks, financial institutions, customer service and call centers, health care, insurance, smart home, and IoT businesses. 

The Innov8tif partnership expands ID R&D’s APAC footprint and marks the first publicly-announced Southeast Asian customer of its IDLive solution. 

Innov8tif’s motto of ‘no one wins unless everybody wins’ parallels our product vision of meeting the highest security needs while eliminating customer pain during the authentication process by rendering it invisible,” said Alexey Khitrov, CEO, ID R&D. “ID R&D’s IDLive Face prevents the most sophisticated spoofing attempts by confirming both the identity and the physical presence of the authorized user, and doing so without any effort required from the user. With our flexible architecture and deployment options, Innov8tif can easily introduce liveness detection and biometric authentication across its product suite for fast, secure, and convenient KYC and onboarding.”

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