Reality Interactive Launches Innovative QSR Retail Tech Solution Suite

Digital merchandising tech service provider is helping Quick Service Restaurant chains harness opportunities to drive growth through differentiated digital experiences

New York: Reality Interactive, a leading retail technology design firm today announced the launch of a set of innovative retail technology solutions to help QSR chains manage their digital store experience and meet rising consumer expectations.

Reality Interactive recognized that QSR chains are seeking new and innovative ways to attract customers, and that technology could support their growth ambitions. With industry research from the National Restaurant Association finding that 32% of diners believe restaurants are lagging in their technology use, Reality tapped into their strong background and expertise in retail technology to help close that gap.

The suite of solutions includes dynamic menu boards, branded signage, digital kiosks, all supported with retail-rugged networks. Aside from sales growth, the solutions can also provide point of sale data and analytics to help drive operations and marketing campaign performance. Chains are able to respond dynamically to price change needs throughout the day, and even give local stores control to provide regional specials while still being able to implement nationwide campaigns from a central control panel.

The first company to deploy Reality Interactive's solution was healthy juice chain "Juice Press", who have been rolling out their new digital experience throughout Juice Press grocerant concept stores nationwide including inside Whole Foods Market and Equinox Fitness clubs.

"Using our experience in other markets, we have been able to make programs for the QSR market more cost effective and easier to scale - something that's critical for an industry which has a high sensitivity to proving an ROI model," said Bryson Hyte, co-founder and partner. "Understanding their customer journey and their goals is also an important first step before designing the ultimate digital solution. We are very excited by the results in sales growth we've seen so far."

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