AVANT Pathfinder Helps Trusted Advisors Navigate IT Decision-Making

AVANT Communications (“AVANT"), a platform for IT decision-making and the nation’s premier distributor for next-generation technology, today released new enhancements to Pathfinder - the most powerful face-to-face IT decision-making tool for enterprise customers. Accessible on any device, Pathfinder is available exclusively to AVANT’s growing ecosystem of Trusted Advisors

Formerly known as the AVANT BattleApp, the AVANT Pathfinder serves as the ultimate weapon for Trusted Advisors as they introduce next-gen solutions in the cloud, colocation and telecommunications to enterprise customers. AVANT’s network of Trusted Advisors is made up of channel professionals fully enabled to help CIOs, CISOs and other enterprise decision-makers keep up with the rapid rate of technological change.

“We took inspiration for the AVANT Pathfinder from the pathfinders that led the charge at D-Day during World War II. This elite group of navigation aids forged ahead of airborne forces and marked targets for drop zones,” said Drew Lydecker, President and Co-founder, AVANT.

“Without the pathfinder force, air assaults would often miss their mark or would be stymied by unforeseen obstacles. Our Trusted Advisors are similar in that they need to guide enterprise customers to the optimal technology selection, navigating past the accelerating pace of change and confusion in today’s IT world. Using the AVANT Pathfinder, Trusted Advisors help enterprise customers stay ahead of the competition.”

The Pathfinder is an integrated platform built on Salesforce Communities, with multiple modules to facilitate IT decision-making, including:

  • Provider Portfolio - Offers rapid access to information regarding more than 100 cloud services, 1,500 colocation centers and 60 carrier services
  • Data Center Locator - A dynamic selection of more than 1,500 data centers globally, organized by criteria such as geographic proximity to a location; compliance certifications such as SOC 2, FISMA, HIPAA, etc.; direct connections to hyperscalers and more
  • Fiber Locator - Helps Trusted Advisors identify fiber routes and lit building details
  • Interactive Quick Assessments - A dynamic guide for IT solution discovery, backed by live AVANT Engineering responses with technology recommendations for further exploration
  • Dynamic Matrices - Allows for side-by-side, real-time comparison of key solution areas, such as UCaaS, Security, SD-WAN and Cloud with dynamic criteria selection and ranking
  • Intelligent Search - A machine learning algorithm to help find the right information the first time for UCaaS HIPAA compliance, and to navigate the AVANT database to find the right case studies, video training sessions, or relevant providers in an instant
  • Cloud Engineering Knowledge Base - Over 200 detailed technical notes on providers and technologies, written and curated by AVANT’s world-class cloud engineering team

“AVANT Pathfinder was re-designed from the ground up for Trusted Advisors to use directly with enterprise customers during IT discovery and planning consultations,” said Ian Kieninger, CEO and Co-Founder, AVANT. “We have upgraded and weaponized the Pathfinder with the latest in AVANT’s market research and insights, enabling enterprise customers to accelerate their time to technology selection. We are seeing Trusted Advisors who use the Pathfinder with their customers achieving three times more sales.”

Among the tool’s new features are data center search enhancements. Trusted Advisors in AVANT’s ecosystem can locate the optimal data center facility with insights into nearby hyperscale infrastructure, and risk drivers such as geological activity. Users can enjoy a comprehensive comparison tool that allows them to evaluate a selection of facilities side-by-side. Dynamic matrices have been upgraded to deliver an intelligent, customizable industry ranking of providers based on customer needs -- along with custom branding capabilities for partners. Additionally, users can now review over 200 technical notes from AVANT’s Cloud Engineering Team using the Pathfinder’s machine learning-based Intelligent Search feature.

“At the end of the day, next-level intel is the greatest weapon in the fight to deliver next-generation services to customers,” Lydecker added. “A high-powered tool like Pathfinder places our arsenal of disruptive solutions in the palm of your hand. It gives partners in the AVANT ecosystem the tools they need to help their customers be successful in this golden era of the Trusted Advisor.”



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