Resonate Debuts Enhanced Consumer Intelligence Platform, Providing Deeper Understanding of Consumer Buying Habits

Resonate, the leading provider of consumer intelligence for marketers, today announced it has launched a new version of its market-redefining SaaS platform, enabling marketers to build stronger relationships with consumers and answer the hyper-critical question of “why” they make purchasing decisions.

“Today’s data-driven marketers are looking for insights beyond who’s buying what product from where. They need a deeper level of understanding into what drives consumer purchasing decisions,” said Bryan Gernert, CEO of Resonate. “Our research has shown that every consumer has a core set of principles, beliefs and motivations that shape their decision to choose one brand over another. It is the understanding of this personal ecosystem that today’s marketers crave and that has shaped the latest upgrades to the Resonate consumer intelligence platform.”

The updated platform is being leveraged by Resonate clients such as Twin-Star International to inform product development and marketing, segmentation strategy and persona development, sales efforts, creative execution and media activation.

“Our DNA is built around having the consumer at the center, and we use Resonate’s consumer insights foundationally as an organization,” said Lisa Cody, Vice President, Marketing, Twin-Star International. “If you’re only using the Resonate platform a little here and there, my advice for experiencing its full potential is to infuse it into the culture of your organization and throughout your processes.”

The new Resonate R7 platform, along with its greatly enhanced user interface, is built around three key principles: segmentation, intelligence and engagement. Upgrades in each area provide users with deeper functionality and rich descriptive data at scale, enabling brands to take a strategic approach toward messaging and creative.

Segmentation Center: The launchpoint to all marketing journeys, Segmentation Center enables brands to define the audiences or segments that they want to understand more deeply. Leveraging any combination of Resonate Elements data, customer first-party data or third-party data, clients can enhance their existing personas or segments, build more robust segments, or discover and explore entirely new ones. Whether defining existing customer segments, prospects or competitor customer profiles, Resonate offers the richest segmentation logic available.

Intelligence Center: Intelligence Center is what makes the complex task of extracting deep consumer insights from an ocean of data sample. Resonate’s templated reports and interactive analytical tools help separate the strategically important from the unimportant. The richness of Resonate’s 12,000 attributes gives marketers a multi-dimensional view into consumer behavior, from the values and motivations influencing decisions, to the TV shows customers watch, to the websites they visit and the mobile apps they use. Resonate can also use its research factory to gather custom, brand-specific data. “In minutes, our clients can gain a much richer view of their customer segments and fundamentally re-shape how they engage those clients to drive greater marketing success,” said Andy Hunn, Resonate’s Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder.

Engagement Center: Resonate’s promise has always been to help marketers from marketing strategy through engagement, with the data best suited to each purpose. Through Engagement Center, marketers have the ability to take the knowledge, segments and audiences identified through their data and efficiently engage with consumers across many channels, including programmatic, social and OTT/CTV, without creating proxies or losing the fidelity of the audience segment. Resonate is integrated with many of the leading marketing platforms, including Adobe Campaign Manager, demand-side platforms, data management platforms and social platforms. The Resonate API extends insights into other systems that manage customer and prospect engagement, including web personalization and customer experience management.

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