Make Culture the Foundation of Your Org’s Digital Transformation

Advancements in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, and so on have changed the way businesses operate today.

But, it’s the individuals using these technologies that are the key to driving digital transformation in your enterprise. To transform businesses to succeed in their digital future and develop an agile mindset, it is necessary to tap into the technical prowess of the employees while imbibing in them a culture that welcomes change.

Recognizing Business Opportunities

Blockbuster LLC was at its peak in 2004, with 8,000 stores across the US and $6 billion in annual revenue. When Netflix offered to run Blockbuster’s brand online, they were laughed out of the room. However, Netflix recognized the business opportunity here, and soon took over market leadership and today boasts millions of subscribers worldwide.

Adapt to Survive

Blockbuster has gone down in history as the company that was unable to adapt, while Netflix understood and anticipated the change that was around the corner. Netflix adapted to customer demands, and created an agile organization, evolving with the changing needs of their target audience. With people and culture at the core of their digital transformation, Netflix was able to surpass their competitors and serve a market that was ready for innovation. Netflix ensured that the employees, who made their business tick, were allowed to bring in fresh ideas. In fact, their well-documented draft – their Culture Deck – puts people as the core of their digital transformation.

Prioritize People

A company’s ability to meet customers’ needs depends on its workforce to deliver relevant results. The organizational structure needs to instill in its people the approach or attitude that can drive the results a company strives towards. Employees are key change agents in a digital transformation plan, and quick-thinking, customer-centric employees alone can ensure success.

Technology is a critical supportive factor when in the hands of focused employees.

A Positive Environment

The right work environment will both, attract brilliant team members and create conditions for their retention. Emphasis on the human side of transformation relieves tension and enhances employee satisfaction, thereby resulting in customer satisfaction. This will also ensure your focus is on customer and brand experience and not on internal processes.

Progress Fast, Stay Ahead

A work environment that is encouraging and collaboration within the organization are the essence of creating a culture that enables digital transformation. The digital transformation roadmap process should not be so sluggish that it takes an organization off the map, as competitors are always ready to fill that gap. Commitment to the company’s vision and internal harmony will let teams progress fast, and stay ahead of competition.

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