Empowering Insurance Customers through Digital Transformation

While digital innovation has usually been an afterthought for the insurance industry it has started to feature prominently in the business strategy of providers. Smarter and faster insurance processing practices have lowered risk and yielded cost and time savings. With tangible results now evident from the adoption of digital practices, insurance providers are looking to make their services more customer-friendly. By leveraging digital transformation, providers are empowering their customers by cutting out intermediaries and allowing them to make independent decisions. Here’s how:

Policy Comparison

All a client needs these days is a smart device to compare insurance offerings from various providers. This has made selecting the most beneficial policy incredibly convenient everyone. The transparency and self-reliance is a major advantage that the digital age has brought to this industry.

Independent Purchase Decisions

Once a potential client has compared all the insurance policies and zeroed in on the perfect choice, he or she can go right ahead and purchase a policy from their smartphones. There is no need whatsoever to involve an agent or any third-party. There is no room left for misdirection or complications as clients can find all details on their own and choose per their preference.

Seamless Claims Processing

Claims processing suffered from a distinct lack of ease and intuitiveness in the analog days. In the event of an accident before digitization, customers would have to gather a battery of documents and go through the agonizing process of contacting several layers of management before finally being able to file an insurance claim. Digital transformation now enables clients to complete the entire process with just a few taps on their smartphones without any agent’s intervention.

Self-Service Portals

People want the comfort of using their smartphones, and carrying out tasks even as serious as buying cars or paying mortgages. Now they can use their phones to manage their insurance needs as well. Everything from finding the best policies to tracking claims, can all be done with a simple click or a swipe. Control now rests in the clients’ hands.

Adopting the latest digital transformation tools is now inevitable for insurance companies wanting to offer their best to ensure better customer experience.

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