Leveraging AI to Make Business Travel Marketing More Intelligent

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the face of the travel industry and opened up new possibilities for enhanced travel experiences.  AI is now being leveraged by marketers to personalize and simplify travel for on-the-go businessmen – for instance delivering live information such as weather updates to customers’ phones, and offering them relevant recommendations for nearby hotels or other amenities. In today’s dynamic landscape, personalization has attained great importance. According to a study conducted by American Express, almost 83% of the millennial travelers will allow travel brands to track their individual behavior digitally in order to get more personalized experience.

AI in travel marketing

Within a few years, AI will become an integral part of travel marketing. The influence of this emergent technology on travel marketers will enable them to use cutting-edge experience for travelers. The limitations of traditional automation messaging platforms are exposed. Now it is time to update location, open time, and customer behaviors to give an up-to-date information to the travelers.

Notify your travelers

There are times when you are frantically looking for one notification with flight information regarding the delays or exact departure time. With travel marketers, this stressful and hectic guesswork can be eased by sending real time updates to travelers, right from the moment they have booked a flight. How is this possible? Data received from customers such as details of boarding passes or other documents can help travel marketers update their information automatically.

Ease travel experience

Arranging your passports, managing visas, and waiting in the queue of immigration lines can be troublesome and can create confusions. This can be managed well by travel marketers using real-time and dynamic messages to connect with a travelers during their trip so that they are well informed. Live currency exchange rates can also help travelers create exceptional experience.

 Rental car or local hotel availability

Whether traveling for pleasure or business, there can be change of plans. This can leave travelers helpless and frustrated, causing sheer inconvenience. Travel marketers make this process easy by giving live, real-time updates on the rental car pricing or availability of local hotels.

Final thoughts

In order to drive a unified experience across touch points, a seamless enterprise-wide integration of AI and machine learning is essential. Using these cognitive technologies, marketers can help scale beyond human capabilities and deliver travel experience to delight their customers.

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