Visure Solutions for Requirements Management Expands to North America, Europe

Multiple offices will help meet increased global demand for requirements management

San Francisco, CA: Companies today, across all industries are challenged with the need to deliver more targeted products in a shorter time to market, while meeting compliance and quality requirements. To meet this increasing global demand, Visure Solutions, Inc., a requirements management ALM (Applications Lifecycle Management) platform company, is expanding its presence and technology across North America and Europe.

In North America, Visure will open three offices in Boston, Dallas and Seattle. The expansion will allow Visure to be closer to its customers to help scale the deployment of its requirements management ALM platform, expand the use of the tool to other customers, and grow revenues in these regions.

“The personnel of these offices will be mainly sales reps and tech reps, with the exception of the Boston office, which will also have an additional technical support team, so that we can ensure continuous coverage for our customers,” said Dr. Moustapha Tadlaoui, CEO at Visure.

Visure, which has over hundred enterprise customers worldwide, will add additional teams in San Francisco and Madrid, Spain. Part of Visure’s expansion plans also include the opening of the Toulouse office, which will be led by Micaël Martins, who is currently the company’s European Sales Director.

The Toulouse office will help grow Visure’s international presence by enabling the company to expand into new territories and reach more targeted consumers.

Dr Moustapha Tadlaoui, CEO at Visure Requirements Management Solution“We welcome Micaël, who brings to Visure extensive international sales and marketing expertise that will be invaluable to the company as we continue to expand our world-class requirements management platform throughout Europe,” Tadlaoui said. “This will also help Visure acquire access to new technologies and industry ecosystems, which may significantly boost our competitive advantage and maintain our position as the leading authority in the requirements management and requirements engineering ALM space.” Martins also has strong knowledge of Industrial Safety and Security Standards for medical devices, industrial automation, automotive and avionics.

“As requirements management and traceability are one of the key concepts in these standards, I look forward to helping Visure’s European customers achieve compliance and improve their lifecycle processes,” he said.

The company’s leading product, Visure Requirements, streamlines requirements processes, allowing more effective collaboration and increased quality so companies can deliver products on time within budget. Providing specialized, innovative and user-friendly solutions to implement efficient requirements management processes, Visure aims at guaranteeing the quality to enterprise IT teams in the development of products, systems and services.

Visure Requirements is an all-in-one Requirements Management ALM platform supporting requirements management, test management, bug and issue tracking, change management, risk management, requirements quality management and variant management. Visure’s key target growth markets include aerospace and defense, medical devices, banking and finance, automotive, railroads, energy (oil and gas, wind, nuclear), industrial automation and robotics.

Fernando Valera, CTO at Visure“At Visure, we are aware that each industry and business model has inherent problems. That is why we analyze how we can offer solutions for specific needs, sectors and models,” said Fernando Valera, CTO at Visure. “When requirements are not properly managed, poor change management leads to mistakes, failures, missed deadlines and missed functionality. Our platform enables critical communication and collaboration between teams. We bring a mix of innovative technology and sector expertise to customers in requirement management to leverage deep domain expertise in product management by helping our customers deliver a quality product on time.”

Requirements management continues to be a priority for product development teams as more companies across various industries are turning to innovative tools to enhance processes and variants, as well as solve issues related to standards compliance.

“The growing complexity of requirements will drive the need for dedicated tools that save time, reduce errors and streamline collaboration and review cycles,” Valera said. “Visure is addressing these challenges.”

Visure is also a certified IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board) trainer of CPRE (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering) by the IREB.

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